Betafence is a manufacturer of metal garden fences made of mesh, mesh panels and fencing. Less well known is that they also produce garden fences for the border with the neighbours. Instead of a fence or garden wall, you could opt for HoriZen or Gabon Stonewall. Systems that can be used very widely and flexibly.



Betafence is a manufacturer of mesh and mesh panels with supplied posts and mounting materials. The step to closed, closed walls was therefore not that big. In fact, thanks to their expertise in the field of connectable metal systems, they are now at the forefront of sustainability and perfectly fitting systems.
The HoriZen system is a kind of ready-made package with multiple choices. You start with the posts, but in between you can choose from elements of composite, aluminum, glass and laminate. Then it's a matter of combining and assembling. The panels are pre-assembled completely. You just need to hang them between the posts. Betafencehas additional decorative accessories and with specific posts, swing gates can be added.
HoriZen panels
A horizontal and vertical slatted panel in an aluminum profile all around. The panels are available in two sizes 180x180 and 180x90. The last size makes it possible to also place the partition in the front garden. The panels are polyester coated and available in gray and anthracite. The piles are part of the construction.

HoriZen composite design ALU panels
A closed wall of 'planks' in a sturdy aluminum profile all around. Two colors (anthracite and sand) in 3 sizes. The piles are part of the construction.

For both the HoriZen panels and the HoriZen Design panels, Betafencesuitable ports in the delivery program.

There is also a detailed installation video for HoriZen panels, including installation of a gate and LED lights.


It seems childishly simple. You measure two mesh panels, you make a kind of basket and fill it with pebbles, tree bark or cocoa shells. In a nutshell, that's what the Gabion Stonewall system is. In practice it is all a bit more difficult. There are now several suppliers of gabions and gabions, but none of them can match the ingenuity and reliability of the Betafence product. It has everything to do with the fact that Betafence is the only company to have built up so much experience in the construction of metal garden fencing.
The basics are important. Sturdy sturdy posts, the attachment of the panels and the distance guards. The panels should not bulge. Several sizes, meshes and heights with ditto cover plates and posts are available.

The appearance of the Gabon Stonewall is not determined by the metal construction but by the filling. White pebbles have a completely different effect than coarse tree bark or coconut husks. The more natural and softer the material (the filling), the friendlier and more relaxed your garden will feel. The Gabion Stonewall also provides a certain degree of direct noise reduction.

In addition to the maintenance-free garden fencing, Betafence has a wide range of mesh and mesh panel fencing. Take a look at garden deposition with mesh, panels or metal fencing

It is also possible to design your Betafence fence yourself. Betafence has designed a simulator for this, which is available on a laptop or tablet. Discover that simulator here

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